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This Year's Patch
The ride was actually 490 miles!

Kay's pictures

The ever popular Kaibo stop - this time with entertainment by "Tuba Man".

"Pork Chooooooooooooooop!

Welcome to Shelby, Iowa! This town outdid themselves with dozens of brightly painted biycles decorating the streets.

The regular stop at the Shelby Post Office to get our passport stamped and the Postmaster's autograph.

Ride on in to Elkhorn - there's an important quilt shop there - gotta stop!

Pedaling out of Elkhorn.

This is what a routine stop for water (or maybe a snack) looks like on RAGBRAI.

Finally made it to the Mighty Mississippi in Burlington!

Our turn to dip our front wheel, signifying the end of another RABGRAI. We'll be doing this again next year, probably.