Jim Cochrane's Photo Album - Part 2

Foley's Egg

The second egg went down. Note O'Meara (L) and Vegell
Tom Swift and Jim Moore

Swift was mentioned in one of the postings. Rolfs and Moore came from Parkersberg.
2 Jims - Moore and Cochrane

Jim Moore is alive and well and selling yachts in Alameda, CA. Lunch 9/7/00.
Yacht Salesman

Jim Moore at work in Alameda on San Francisco Bay 9/00.
Jim Moore

Jim Moore 9/00.
Here's Don Dittus

Don Dittus and I had lunch in Ukiah, CA. He's a full time RV'er with Sue.
Dodd - Willcutt & Beer

Pre-game warmup, I guess. The photographer was out of focus, too.
Stack, Sonja Malichar, McLean

Another pre-game sipping session