The Gamma Pi Shelter

Delta Tau Delta -- Experience for a Lifetime

The years spent in college are just the "Tip of the Iceberg". Those formative years, the education we get from the institution, and the molding we get in our Fraternity, are the basis of what we become during the rest of our lives.

This web site is dedicated to my Brothers from the 1950s at the Gamma Pi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta.
Enjoy your visit - Tom Lettington

The Shelter we loved during our years at ISU is to be no more. It has been demolished and a new shelter put in its place.

Here is a photo of the new shelter dedicated in 2017:

Here is a video highlighting the new shelter:

For those who no longer have their copies of the CREST, I have scanned my copy from 1956 for your viewing pleasure here.

You asked for it! Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Here is the "Now and Then" Photo Album. Enter at your own risk. . Additions emailed to me (or pointed to on the web or in the Yahoo Club Album) will be added upon request.

A copy of the 1957 Chapter Group Photo is here.

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