WW II Black Bread
(A P.O.W. Favorite)

50% Bruised Rye Grain
20% Sliced Sugar Beets
20% Tree Flour (saw dust)
10% Minced Leaves and Straw

Mix all ingredients; form into a 3" x 3" x 8" loaf; bake until burned black.
Each loaf serves 6 to 21 hungry men.

This recipe comes from the official records of the "Food Providing Minisry", published (TOP SECRET) Berlin 24.XI 1941 and the Director in Ministry, Herr Mansfield and Herr Moritz. It was agreed that this was the best mixture to bake Black Bread.

It is believed that the charcoal coating of WW II Black Bread, created when the loaves were burned black in the ovens, was an effective deterrent for disentary. Other forms of charcoal were also used to prevent this common ailment among POWs.

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Updated 3/7/98